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Chewing the Cud Podcast

Chewing the Cud podcast is our regular chance to catch up on the latest showbiz and social media trends and to chew the cud with special guests. But who are the hosts?


Neil Wilkinson

Hi, I’m Neil and I’m the host of Chewing the Cud podcast. I’m 36, I’m originally from Yorkshire and I’ve worked in radio for over ten years. My favourite things are going to concerts and finding new music, going to the cinema (I love science-fiction and action films) and driving! I also love technology, reality TV and showbiz news.
You can find me on twitter – @NeillWilkinson



Leigh Robertson

Hi, my name is Leigh & I’m responsible for all things celebubizzy (thats celeb & showbiz merged!)
Firstly, that’s not me in the photos! It’s the love child of Christopher Biggins & Sarah-Lee. Watch amazed as I deflate each episode! In other news, I’m a big lover of pop music past & present, going to concerts & shows, visiting unusual places, travel, unusual doccumentaries, and..uhm..all things sparkly and unicorn related! As I have matured (think wine, not cheese!) I have come to realise that life’s too short not to embrace the the things that make you happy. I’m hoping that you enjoy listening and watching our show. Any ideas or suggestions about things that you want to see, get in touch! Life Quote: You’re terrible, Muriel.



Mike Bennion-RoweWell Hello there and thanks for taking a moment to read a bit about lil ol me. I’m Mike and I’m the one checking your timeline for funny things to put in the show. I love an innuendo and a glass of fizz (beer fizzes as well as champagne so a glass of either is acceptable). I’m one of those horrid morning people, and can be quite often found watching TV and perusing the internet at 5am most mornings. I’m a bit of a tech geek and an Apple convert since 2010. Fan of a hybrid-word or one thats simply made up (I’m forever looking for the hoojamaflip), having conversations with the TV and changing lyrics in songs.
There’s more to me than that, but you will have to tune in to find out more…..

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