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ipDTL is a communications service for broadcasters.


It enables crystal clear communication down the line using an internet connection and browser. In my case, connecting a USB mic to my MacBook Pro and logging onto the ipDTL website through Google Chrome lets me broadcast in quality from anywhere with a good internet connection. It means there’s no need for expensive ISDN connections and I have the flexibility to broadcast from a lot more locations with the minimum of effort!

Studios and stations around the world use ipDTL as it’s a cost effective way to achieve very high quality sound to and from other locations. Even if I need to contact someone who only has ISDN, ipDTL will do that. It can even make phone calls! I can play sound files and make recordings, too – all through the Chrome browser.

For regular contributors to programmes, ipDTL makes it easy to take part without leaving home!

If you have questions or need any support, their Facebook group is very responsive and helpful.

Take a look for yourself at ipDTL.com/gb.

Vital Signs Direct Where would we be without signs? We’d be lost. Everyone needs signs, in every situation. And if you don’t have signs up, you’re asking for trouble! Imagine if there were no signs on male or female public bathrooms, or no signs telling people how to get out of a building in case of fire… there are so many situations in which good, clear signage is essential. That’s where Vital Signs Direct comes in. They’re experts in providing signs for just about any situation, for times when you want to warn people, tell people, or instruct people without having to stand there and do it yourself. They do traffic signs, parking signs, no smoking signs… they even do custom printing. So if you want to make a welcome home banner, or for a birthday or marriage, Vital Signs Direct will work with you make the right impression. Or maybe you’re looking for a special gift, and you’ve taken a picture of the family’s favourite pet? They can print that onto canvas for you to give pride of place at home.

The starting point is their website, which is VitalSD.co.uk, or you can call them on 01706 87 72 72.

Mark Sands-Foy is a photographer based in the North-West of England. He specialises in fitness MS Photographyindustry photography. Whether you are an aspiring fitness model, or an experienced Personal Trainer, he can create images to kick start your marketing, update your portfolio and capture your strength forever for a piece of wall art or calendar, bringing your vision to life using a studio, gym or other location.

He’s also worked with various fitness related companies, providing product images to enhance marketing material or your website. From physiotherapists to gym owners, he has the right experience to bring your product to life.

If you are looking to hire a reputable photographer to capture your strength, kick start your career (be it PT, model, or fitness related product), or update your previous images with your new results, Mark is the man to call.

He’s also worked with authors to provide images for book covers, and had an image feature in a magazine article!

Get in touch with him and see what he can do for you at msands.photography.


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