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Chewing the Cud PodcastThis is the home of Chewing the Cud Podcast – your regular chance to catch up and chat about the world of entertainment and life in the North of England. We don’t take life too seriously, and love to chew the cud! We have regular guests on from all walks of life to chew the cud with us. As gay hosts, the podcast is of gay-interest but we hope everyone will enjoy it! We stream the podcast on Sundays – live from our studio in Manchester. You can watch us on the video stream, listen to us on the audio stream, or catch up with us later with a traditional download. You can get involved too! Chew the cud with us whilst we’re live by using the chat room on the website. You can also tweet us and message us on Facebook any time.

Neil's Trip To Download Festival 2017

You’ll also find the web series Neil’s Trip To… – a documentary strand in which Neil visits exciting places and takes you on the journey. The first series is of a trip to a rock festival – ‘Download Festival 2017.’ You’ll see the trials and tribulations of getting there, the perils of getting drunk, and the drama between seeing bands. There’s lots of adventure, and it’s not for the faint-hearted!


You can always interact and keep up to date with us on our Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages.


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